Water Distillers


Water Distillers

Product Details

  • Capacity: ND 4: 4 lt/hr, ND 8: 8 lt/hr, ND 12: 12 lt/hr
  • Distilled water storage tank capacity: ND 4: 8 liters, ND 8: 16 liters, ND 12: 24 liters
  • New design with distilled water storage tank

An essential source of distilled water for most laboratories, ND Series Water Distillers use cooling water to condense and then use the pre-heated water to reduce boiling time and running costs. Extended life and lower operating costs are provided by the built-in magnetic water conditioner that avoids calcification of the system. A LED indicates the unlikely event of a heater failure.

A choice to suit laboratory needs can be made from three models producing 4, 8 or 12 liters of distilled water per hour. Stainless steel components give the units a long life and no risk of breakages.

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